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Legacy Blessing

Business Acumen


Invited Into the King’s Favor

Reveling in Grace

Day 8 | Jesus' Last Week, The Resurrection

Day 7 | Jesus’ Last Week, Good Friday

Day 6 | Jesus’ Last Week, Thursday

Day 5 | Jesus' Greatest Victory, Satan's Greatest Defeat

Day 4 | Jesus' Last Week, Tuesday to Wednesday

Day 3 | Isaiah Sees Our Salvation

Day 2 | Jesus' Last Week, Sunday to Monday

Easter Series Day 1

Of First Importance

Eyes to the Horizon

Embracing Dependence

Opposition, Passions and False Accusations


True Love...Loved into Loving

Responses to Dreams


Pillars and Place

Honoring the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

New Year Instructions: Arise and Go. Put Away.

Beginnings and New Beginnings

Anticipation Fulfilled

Day 12 • A Battle in the Unseen

Day 11 • The Wise Men's Perspective

Day 10 • The Angels' Perspective

Day 9 • Fully God, Fully Man

Day 8 • One Last Journey

Day 7 • "You Want Me to Do What, Lord??"

Day 6 • The Intimacy of God

Day 5 • Getting Personal | Part 2

Day 4 • Getting Personal, Part 1

Day 3 • Prophecies Fulfilled

Day 2 • Old Testament Prophecies

Day 1 • God's Metanarrative

The Christ of Christmas

Dysfunction Radically Redeemed

Thanksgiving as a Lifestyle

Dysfunction Redeemed...Jesus in the Midst

Dysfunction Redeemed...God’s Grace in the Midst

Dysfunction Redeemed (Part 4)

Yes, Lord

Dysfunction Redeemed (Part 2)

Redeeming Dysfunction (Part 1)

Electing Leaders

Living Stones

Spiritual Markers


Surprising Responses

Face Time



The Awareness of God

Sovereignty in Troubled Times

Divine Advantages

A Greater Understanding

Unusual Trust

Competing Passions



Standing Together

By Arrangement

Embracing Interruptions

Living Water in Anguish and Heartache

“Make Me Successful”

Dripping & Overflowing

Never Going Back


Easter Series - Day 8

Easter Series - Day 7

Easter Series - Day 6

Easter Series - Day 5

Easter Series - Day 4

Easter Series - Day 3

Easter Series - Day 2

Easter Series - Day 1

Missing Easter

Social Distancing


Wise Patience


Generosity’s Reward