stay together

Connect Spiritually

During these unusual days, it is important that we stay spiritually connected to God and to one another. Dr. Marrah will continue to provide his weekly devotionals as well as other updates to help the Tree of Life community stay Together.

Stay Connected With the Tree of Life Community

The easiest way to stay connected with our community is through social media.

If you would like to know how to connect with a specific campus or segment of our community please contact one of our campus administrators:

Keep Connected through our Facebook Page and Community Group

Tree of Life - Stay ToGETHER F.A.Q.s

Is Tree of Life continuing to educate?

Tree of Life is committed to the education of every student even while we are unable to meet in traditional classrooms. TOL teachers are hard at work to provide a quality e-learning program for our students. Parents can feel confident that their child is continuing to receive quality instruction and mentorship through this period.

What are the expectations for my school-age children during these days of e-learning?

Please click HERE for a summary of High School expectations.

Please click HERE for a summary of Middle School expectations.

Please click HERE for a summary of Elementary School expectations.

How do I make sure I receive all notifications and information sent out by the school?

For current families, please make sure your profile on Renweb has your correct email address and correct mobile number. Those two pieces of information on your profile are key to receiving timely communications.

If you are not a current family, please use the form below to sign up for email updates.

How do I know what events are still happening?

Tree of Life is evaluating each event individually. We are working towards rescheduling as many events as possible. We will keep the TOL community informed very quickly when there are any changes to the schedule or additional cancellations.

Is Tree of Life still accepting new applications?

Yes! We are still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. During social distancing, we will work with you to find good options for school tours as well as entrance testing. Please contact Carol Tanner ( for more information.